Reliable doctors are what lead this clinic on the path to success. Each doctor works hard to ensure that every patient is treated with the utmost care and respect. With their expertise and desire to help, they continue to make this clinic thrive.

Here at the Murals Medical Clinic we keep our doctors well informed with the requirements and standards that must be met. We expect all our employees, especially our doctors, to be properly medically educated. The best results come from the best education. Our doctors are constantly re-trained to maintain a level of success when dealing with patients.

Acknowledgment must be made to these doctors for all the effort and passion they put into this clinic. They are the reason patients continue to return for medical advice.

The doctors of the Murals Medical Clinic are:

  • Dr. Shannon Dutchyn, GP
  • Dr. Shiv Ambulgekar, GP
  • Dr. Amreet Singara, GP
  • Dr. P. Samuel Vijayan, GP
  • Dr. Gurpal Dhanjal